Month in review: February 2018

Another month, another monthly summary. So what made February stand out? Certainly not time on the bike or on the track, of which there were none. I did get some decent running done while on vacation in mountainous Madeira, and continued doing some regular partial run commutes and lunch runs, however.

Road and trail running: Overall monthly mileage was down compared to January, but thanks to spending a week in MadeiraI I added some decent vertical elevation to my training. The weather didn’t cooperate too much, unfortunately, so there was some wasted potential.I covered 168km on just 16 days, but ran a total of 21 times thanks to morning&evening commutes. My longest run was a mere 12km.

Track&field: Nothing to see here, move along.

Cycling: Atrocious weather and short days kept me off the bike, too.

Walking: 49km. 1025m of elevation gain. Only 7 lunch walks, plus 2 outings in Madeira.

Total time outside: 29:41 hours. Happy that I managed to break the 1h/day threshold again, but in the grand scheme of things that means I spent 23 hours/day inside.

Body composition: 80.68kg. Up 0.62kg from January; but still better than most other years.

The only visitors I seem to get these days is spam bots. So if you’re actually human and have made it this far, thanks.

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