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  • Patience

    Yep. A few days after I write a blog entry about overcoming a year-long plantar fascia injury, and the day after I make my first appearance at a track training; I bump into the leg of the couch and (presumably) break my pinky toe on the right foot. So far, the prognosis is from 2 […]

  • Back from a year-long injury?

    Back from a year-long injury?

    On July 1st 2018, I ran my first 42k race, Marathon du Mont-Blanc. At the end of the same month, I also ran the 32km Saarschleifen Run. But somewhere in between on a training run, I jumped over a small stream and landed on the embankment with only the forefoot of my left leg.

  • Daily training log: 24/Sep/2015

    Well. That didn’t last long. Posted a “daily training log” on the 19th, and promptly fell ill and didn’t do any training for the next few days. Would have preferred to take a sick day or two and recover at home, but forced myself to go to work because we’re short-staffed and there was plenty […]

  • Daily training log: 19/Sep/2015

    I really like reading other people’s daily training logs. George Zack for example has been blogging about training and various races in Colorado and elsewhere for years, and it’s always motivating to see consistency not just in training and racing, but also in documenting it all. One of the big reasons I’ve always been reluctant […]

  • Month in review: August 2015

    The injury on my left Achilles tendon continued to heavily influence all my sports activities in August. I had another two doctor visits and two physiotherapy appointments. Unfortunately, a limited test to return to running (as prescribed by the doctor) proved to be a little premature. The good news is that the inflammation is mostly […]

  • Month in review: July 2015

    My left achilles tendon has been the biggest source of trouble in my entire athletics career, and by early July I was once again at a decisive point as far as the severety of the injury was concerned. There was a lot of inflammation around my left heel, and even just walking around hurt my […]

  • Reset

    It was 4am on Sunday morning, and I couldn’t sleep. Since I wasn’t exactly feeling full of energy, I sat down in front of the computer and continued the mindless task of manually  importing some of my old activity logs from Garmin Connect into Strava. In between cursing at my old Garmin 405 for having […]

  • 16/Dec/2014

    I had my final physical therapy session yesterday. I received two treatments per week, eight in total. While both the doctor and my physical therapist didn’t explicitly tell me to stop running, I dialed down both the number and intensity of physical activity over the past month. Part of that was a precaution – no […]

  • Time to reevaluate

    I started track&field in 1987, and specialized in sprints more than twenty years ago. After my semi-official retirement in early 2006 followed some years where I didn’t compete at all (2006-2008, 2010). In the past few years, I occasionally came out of retirement, but most of my recent performances have hardly been something for the […]

  • Recovery week and first 5k training in a while

    The past week has been challenging. Not only was my hip and groin area not happy after the 100m race on Saturday, but the left achilles tendon was also pretty sore. I’d constantly get the feeling that the entire area was not stretched enough to cope with things as simple as walking after getting out […]