Daily training log: 19/Sep/2015

I really like reading other people’s daily training logs. George Zack for example has been blogging about training and various races in Colorado and elsewhere for years, and it’s always motivating to see consistency not just in training and racing, but also in documenting it all.

One of the big reasons I’ve always been reluctant to blog daily training updates is that I am not a very consistent athlete. Back in 1998, before the format of “blogs” was popular, I was training almost every day and competing often; but all of that vanished in the early 2000s after a major Achilles injury. Back then it didn’t even occur to me to write about my training or the competitions I ran – in the infancy of all things internet, there wouldn’t have been much of an audience. I don’t have an audience now either, of course.

The same Achilles tendon is plaguing me again in 2015, so for the time being I can’t even have firm goals or post about them for fear of having the rug pulled out from under my feet. But still, maybe there is value in posting about little accomplishments; and maybe I’ll look back at this later and wish I’d documented more.

As for training today, the sports doctor had suggested I tentatively restart some easy jogging. A month ago, we’d already discussed that option, but back then it turned out to be too soon. Of course a month ago I’d gone running (partly) on trails, with some elevation gain; and I’d started with a whole 30 minutes.


So this time around, I scaled things down to the bare essentials: 20 minutes at 6:30min/km pace, on a flat and smooth running track. Afterwards, I did some stretching (feeling very much that I’d lost some more mobility over the past few months) and droveĀ  home. Throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening, I could feel the calf muscles tensing up and there was a noticeable pull in the Achilles tendons on both feet. This doesn’t bode well.

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