I bought my first digital SLR in January 2004. While the Canon 300D (called “Digital Rebel” in the US) was a nice beginners camera, I soon outgrew it and as soon as I could justify the expense, I started upgrading to Canon’s professional line of cameras and lenses. While my initial focus was on landscape photography, it gradually changed to sports. Capturing fast-paced action (often in low light) requires fast cameras and lenses. I’m currently on my fourth pro-level camera, still in the Canon ecosystem.

Sports photography

I retired from competitive track&field in January 2006. A month later, I started working as a freelance photographer for Luxemburger Wort, Luxembourg’s largest daily newspaper. Since then I’ve covered around 1600 assignments for them. Since only a part of the photos I submit end up getting used, even factoring in both print and online use; I’m posting all my sports pictures on my personal sports photography website ( too, to give them a bit of a second life.

Landscape photography

From 2004 to 2009, I traveled to the United States whenever I could get time off work, usually about four weeks per year. My travels were very much focused on photography, and I was often car-camping to get as near as possible to scenic locations in the deserts and mountains of the American Southwest. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to keep up this kind of dedication in subsequent years.

Some of the better photographs and panoramas can be seen in my portfolio on