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  • Race report: Katrinberglauf 2016 (4.5km, 943 Hm)

    The gun goes off. The timing chip beeps as I cross the starting line, surrounded by around 200 other runners. This is my second attempt at running Katrinberglauf (2015 blog entry). The basic premise is simple: the race spans an official 4.4km and climbs 943 meters of elevation. The first few hundred meters are on […]

  • Race report: Katrinberglauf (4.5km, 943 Hm)

    Somewhere along the climb, there was that moment where everything just kind of faded away, and my entire mental focus was reduced to just that next footstep – to get that ideal foot placement, with the most grip and the least amount of slippage. Long gone were the ambitions of finishing in a certain time, […]

  • Preview: Katrinberglauf (4.5km, 943 Hm)

    In two days, on June 14th, I will be competing at Katrinberglauf. This mountain run in Bad Ischl, Austria, is labelled as “Austria’s steepest mountain race”. The start and finish lines are at the valley and mountain stations of the Katrin Seilbahn cable car, which goes from an elevation of 472m to 1415m, for 943m […]

  • Race report: Wallberg Berglauf (5.5km 860Hm)

    Wallberg Berglauf was my first mountain run. I joined 252 other people on a rainy May 1st morning in Rottach-Egern, near Tegernsee lake in Southern Germany to run/walk 5.5km and climb 860m of elevation. [sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Wallberg Berglauf 5.5km 860Hm.gpx” mtype=TERRAIN summary=TRUE] Drive to Germany, recon Having taken the day before the race off work, I […]

  • Preview: Wallberg Berglauf

    In two days, on May 1st 2015, I will be facing a new challenge: competing in a mountain run. Wallberg Berglauf will take place in Rottach-Egern, near Tegernsee in Southern Germany. It is not the first mountain run I’ve signed up for (that would be the Chamonix KMV, which I wrote about already) but it’s […]