My name is Christian Kemp. For most of the past 40 years I’ve lived in the country of Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe.

Professional career

For the first 10 years of my career, I worked as a programmer in the bank sector and at the stock exchange.

In 2009, I pivoted to a career in the public sector. My official job title is Chef de bureau informaticien adjoint at the Centre des technologies de l’information de l’Etat, although my job is at the Judicial Administration. Owing to our small team size, the job is very diverse but also stressful, and includes application development (Visual Studio and C#), database creation and maintenance (SQL Server), some server management, Windows deployment, all levels of user support and training; all in varying degrees depending on current projects.

I also work as a freelance sports photographer for Luxemburger Wort, Luxembourg’s biggest-selling daily newspaper. For the past 10 years, I’ve usually covered at least 100 assignments per year, all of which are also available on my personal photography site,


I used to define myself as a track&field athlete, or more specifically a sprinter. The peak of my athletics career was from about 1998 to 2003. At one point, I held the Luxembourgish 200m indoor national record. Further achievements were halted by a constant battle with chronic Achilles tendon inflammation that started in 2000. Despite getting operated that year, the left Achilles tendon was still flaring up over the following years. As a result, I stopped competitive sprints in early 2006. After a few years break, I restarted competing intermittently as a masters athlete, albeit at a much lower performance level.

In recent years, I’ve also done long distance racing, mostly in the form of  Vertical Kilometer races, Skyrunning as well as “normal” trails ranging from 10km to 29km in length.

About this site

I’ve had an online presence at for over 18 years now. Since 1998, this site has been (at various times) my personal homepage, blog, picture gallery and online CV.

For most of its existence, was powered by custom-written Perl scripts running on top of Apache/Perl/MySQL. I’ve recently switched over to a self-hosted WordPress solution so I can concentrate on content, rather than spending time re-inventing the wheel by maintaining a custom back-end.