Category: Training Log

  • Training log: 19-Oct to 25-Oct-2015

    Monday 19-Oct: Off. (Physiotherapy appointment) Tuesday 20-Oct: 4.4km lunch walk (101m elevation gain) (Strava); then doing my first real sprint training in quite a while at the track in the evening. I was holding back on the speed, but I’ll take whatever the achilles lets me do. 500m – 500m – 5x100m – 300m/200m. (Strava) […]

  • Training log: 12-Oct to 18-Oct-2015

    Monday 12-Oct: Lunch-time MTB ride. About 50/50 road/trails split. 49 minutes, 16,5km, 233m elevation. Tuesday 13-Oct: 2km lunch walk to grab food, then another Rollingergrund stair running session with the club in the evening. Managed 5 repeats this time, starting strong (48″1, 48″6) and ending slow (61″0, 72″3) with an average middle run I didn’t […]

  • Osteopathy and base building

    On Monday, I had an osteopathy appointment. Following my 100m race on April 16th, I’d been dealing with a dull pain somewhere in the region of my left hip/adductor that flared up whenever I tried to sprint. It didn’t prevent me from running a half marathon or a 10km race in May, but even two […]