Training log: 19-Oct to 25-Oct-2015

Monday 19-Oct: Off. (Physiotherapy appointment)

Tuesday 20-Oct: 4.4km lunch walk (101m elevation gain) (Strava); then doing my first real sprint training in quite a while at the track in the evening. I was holding back on the speed, but I’ll take whatever the achilles lets me do. 500m – 500m – 5x100m – 300m/200m. (Strava)

1Wednesday 21-Oct: 18km lunch ride on the MTB. 57 minutes, quite a bit on (slightly muddy) trails, 254m of elevation. (Strava)

Thursday 22-Oct: 3.8km lunch walk (77m elevation gain) (Strava); then half of another sprint training before returning inside for a core/back workout. 600m – 600m – 6x100m. (Strava)

Friday 23-Oct: Off. (Physiotherapy appointment)

Saturday 24-Oct: Third Cloef hill running session in as many weeks. Following a somewhat sensible progression: did 1 run and 1 walk the first session, then 2 runs the second week and now did 2 runs and 1 walk on the third go. This accounts for a total of 10.3km on my feet, covering 600m of elevation in 1h35. (Strava)

2Sunday 25-Oct: Off

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