Category: Road

  • Training log: 4/Oct/2015

    The wife had wanted to go to the women’s volleyball world championship semi-finals and finals in Rotterdam and insisted I come along. So I got to spend 4 hours on Saturday in a bus, then many more hours in cramped seats surrounded by thousands of volleyball fans; and on Sunday the same thing happened in […]

  • 27-28/Apr/2015 – Rest day & 8km road run

    I took a complete rest day on Monday. It wasn’t planned, but it was pouring down during lunch and when I got home in the evening (after a day at work where I was the only one of the team not on vacation or sick leave) I was deflated and it was still raining. On […]

  • 23/Dec/2014: Easy run, Petrusse

    I’m trying to ease back into more regular updates. In the grand scheme of things, a blog outlining the athletic achievements and other little things in the life of a mostly sedentary former sprinter might not make for appealing reading. But if everyone followed that train of thought, we’d all just sit in front of […]

  • Training log Thursday 04/Jul/2013

    Once again, I woke up with a painful left achilles tendon, mostly towards its base at the heel. Walking downstairs was painful in the morning, but after putting on my Asics running shoes (with a positive heel-to-toe drop) things improved – which is to be expected, since the higher heel in the shoe means that […]

  • Training log Tuesday, 2/Jul/2013

    My achilles tendon had not been happy on Monday and Tuesday morning. Quite why I ended up doing quite a large double program on Tuesday, I don’t really know. Stubbornness, I suppose. At lunch, I did a 10km loop around the Petrusse and Alzette valleys near work. I tried to stay on forest trails as […]

  • Training log Thursday-Monday

    Thursday 27/Jun: Went to my club’s track training. Did various stair jumps in the stadium stands (as best as the hip that’s still sore could handle – maybe it’s not the smartest idea to do these jumps while I’m still somewhat injured) and then five laps on the grass (strides on the straights, jogging inbetween). […]

  • September 4th: Luxembourg-Grund to Gantebeinsmillen and back

    After covering quite a bit of mileage on forest trails, I opted to go for a lunch break run on pavement for a change. Thankfully, there’s a bike path near work that is reasonably flat, far from vehicle traffic and at least in my experience doesn’t get much bike traffic but sees quite a large […]