23/Dec/2014: Easy run, Petrusse

I’m trying to ease back into more regular updates. In the grand scheme of things, a blog outlining the athletic achievements and other little things in the life of a mostly sedentary former sprinter might not make for appealing reading. But if everyone followed that train of thought, we’d all just sit in front of the TV and passively consume lowest-denominator entertainment. So I’ll try to break out of that bubble one small blog post at a time, and maybe writing here will further motivate me to explore more places, experience more, and having more running and climbing adventures.

On 23rd December, I ran an easy 7.4km in the Petrusse valley during my lunch break. It’s not the most scenic option with all the construction going on; and a trail run would probably be better for my lingering injuries. But with the rain we’ve been getting lately I wasn’t too keen on slogging through the mud. I tried to go easy on the heart rate. According to Strava, 87% of the run was spent in “moderate” Z2 (122-153). Consequently, I wasn’t very fast; with an average pace of 6:28 min/km.

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