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  • Race report: Meeting Régio #2 – 200m 24″20

    On Monday evening preceding this weekend’s Meeting Régio #2, we trained starting blocks. I felt strong. Then I returned home, had dinner and about an hour later I suddenly felt ill. I’ll skip the details, but suffice to say that the next time I could stand the thought of having any kind of food was […]

  • Race report: Meeting Régio #1 – 60m 7″60

    Going into 2017’s first race, I thought I had a good shot at being faster than the previous year. I’d done a much more thorough preparation phase over the previous several months, also because my achilles tendon had allowed me to get in more quality sprint workouts. I even had the privilege of joining the […]

  • Race report: Indoor Lafmeeting, 300m, 39″18

    For the past several years, the Luxembourgish Federation has been organizing a regional indoor meet in late December. Since the inside of the indoor track (with 60m lanes) is only put in place around Christmas, that means the meet is limited to the outside lanes. As for distances, the federation is concentrating on “odd” distances: […]

  • Race report: European Champion Clubs Cup, Leiria, Portugal: 100m, 4x100m

    Sometime in April, my club asked me if I could join them in Portugal for the European Champion Clubs Club on the 100m and 4x100m. At 38 years old, I didn’t consider myself the strongest sprinter for that task, but their options (not that many 100m sprinters, studies, injuries, people not having the Luxembourgish nationality, […]

  • Ancona EMACI 2016 (11th European Masters Athletics Championships Indoor), day 3: 200m

    Ancona EMACI 2016 (11th European Masters Athletics Championships Indoor), day 3: 200m series When the entry lists for the EMACI first appeared online in early March, it looked like my best chance to go on to the next round (half-finals) was in the 200m. As it turns out, the number of athletes in attendance and […]

  • Ancona EMACI 2016 (11th European Masters Athletics Championships Indoor), day 1: 60m

    Ancona EMACI 2016 (11th European Masters Athletics Championships Indoor), day 1: 60m series All throughout the day leading up to my 60m series, I was doing mental mathematics: 14:36 minus 20 minutes call-room minus 1 hour warm-up equals the time I was supposed to start my warm-up. I checked my simple math several times, and […]

  • Race report: 33. Championnats Nationaux Indoor

    Having a competition after an 8-hour work day is always a bit of a challenge. But yet, that’s the reality of the Luxembourgish indoor championships, where I was running the 60m and 200m series on Friday evening, and looking to qualify for the finals on Saturday. I was off to a bad start.  Not just […]

  • Race report: Indoor Lafmeeting 2 (200m, 4x200m)

    I did my final indoor meeting for 2015/2016 on Luxembourgish soil this past Saturday, over one month after the Luxembourgish Championships. Athletes in the national team were afforded two more opportunities to compete in between, but the rest of us had to make do with regular training or travel abroad to compete. I chose the […]

  • Race report: Indoor Meeting Régio 2 (16-Jan-2016)

    For the second competition in 2016, I’d come up with a grandiose plan: I’d run the 200m, rest for about two hours and then give it all in a 400m, a distance I’d never done indoors. Reality would turn out to be different, though. The week before the competition, I’d done two trainings with the […]

  • Race report: Indoor Meeting Régio 1 (09-Jan-2016)

    When I signed up for the 60m race on Tuesday 5th, I was quite sure I was going to be in way over my head. While the doctor had cleared me (and my achilles) for racing, it had been just four short months since I’d done tentative short jogs at 6:30km/h pace, and I’d just […]