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  • Race report: Red Rock X-Challenge 2017 (MTB/trail duathlon)

    Race report: Red Rock X-Challenge 2017 (MTB/trail duathlon)

    Some people train for a competition, then once they’ve completed it once never toe that particular starting line again. I’m not like that. After competing at the Red Rock X-Challenge MTB/trail duathlon in 2016 (see my 2016 race report), I signed up for this year’s edition about one month in advance.

  • Race report: Red Rock X-Challenge (MTB/trail duathlon)

    Ever since its inception a few years ago I’ve been aware of the “Red Rock Challenge”, a weekend-long event in October that offers a multitude of different trail run and mountain bike races; near my home in the south of Luxembourg. After I covered part of the event for the newspaper in 2014 and 2015, […]

  • Daily training log: 26/Sep/2015: 52.5km bike ride

    Driving your car for 35 minutes just to get to a spot where you then ride your bike for 2 hours seems a bit redundant; or maybe even wasteful because why not just start biking at home? But that would mean I’d always be hitting the same old spots, at least initially, and where’s the […]

  • 26/Apr/2015 – 17km MTB ride

    Once again, I was spared the rain that was forecasted; so I set out on the mountain bike again to give the left achilles tendon another break. I ended up covering 17.05km with 318m elevation gain in 1h01; for an average speed of 16.7km/h. I spent some time on single trails, where I’m starting to […]

  • 25/Apr/2015 – Short 13.5km MTB ride

    It rained on and off most of the morning and afternoon, and my left achilles was feeling a little worse than average; so despite having most of Saturday off I decided not to do any big training session on foot; and instead just headed out on the mountain bike for a short while to get […]

  • First few outings on a mountain bike

    I didn’t mention it on this blog so far, but earlier this month I bought a mountain bike. I’d been toying with the idea for quite a few years, but my runner’s mindset always prevented me from taking the plunge. But before the easter holidays (and the start of better weather here in Luxembourg) I […]