25/Apr/2015 – Short 13.5km MTB ride

It rained on and off most of the morning and afternoon, and my left achilles was feeling a little worse than average; so despite having most of Saturday off I decided not to do any big training session on foot; and instead just headed out on the mountain bike for a short while to get the legs and heart moving.

I must have been in a daze, because when the Garmin asked “are you currently inside?” while getting the bike ready in the garage I acknowledged; which of course switched the GPS receiver off. When I went outside It didn’t occur to me to switch the GPS back on, I merely pressed “Start”, so while the watch was recording my ride, it only recorded information from all other sensors (cadence, speed, heart rate, elevation).

41 minutes on the bike, 13.5km with 236m of elevation. Average heart rate: 138.

The real news for the day was also fitness-related, but not quite. Throughout the month of April, I tried to follow some of the advice in the book “Fat Loss Happens on Monday”, most notably tracking my calorie intake (in my case, on MyFitnessPal). That step alone – I didn’t manage to change all my eating habits – probably contributed to weighing in at a leading “7” (79.9kg, not much, but it is below 80kg) for the first time since late August 2012; which means my average weight went down over 2kg over the course of April. While most people who know me will probably scoff at that and declare that I “don’t need to lose any weight”, the reality is that for any fitness-related activity, if I can get rid of some excess body weight, I should be able to perform better. And I’m still near 14% body fat, so it’s not like I’m doing anything excessive.

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