Training log: 26-Oct to 01-Nov 2015


Monday 26-Oct: MTB ride, on trails. Had the day off work, so I wasn’t time-limited, but still elected to keep it reasonable (1h06, 22.5km, 369m elevation) because for some reason whenever I ride the bike nowadays I get a sore left knee and neck pain. (Strava)

Tuesday 27-Oct: A faster sprint training! We did the classic 10x200m training program with decreasing rest time (start at 3 minutes, 20sec less after each repeat, down to 20sec at the end). Mostly ran 32-33s on the 200m’s, except for the last two which sucked because of the short recovery time. Was expecting to pay for the faster sprints the next day, but surprisingly the impact was manageable. (Strava)

Wednesday 28-Oct: 4.1km lunch hike in 44h51, 82m elevation gain. (Strava)

Thursday 29-Oct: 5.4km lunch hike in 59h14, 160m elevation gain (Strava). In the evening, joined the track group for an indoor training (medicine balls, etc.). Did 2km warm-up and 2km cool-down.

Friday 30-Oct: 52min MTB ride on trails and road for 18.4km, 232m elevation (Strava).

Saturday 31-Oct: Off. (Not feeling well.)

IMG_20151101_113852Sunday 01-Nov: Nice hill session at the Saarschleife. It was foggy and dreary in Luxembourg, but on the Cloef trail the sun came out and I almost over-heated. Did 3 climbs, the first two of which I ran and the third I alternated (but mostly walked). On the first repeat, I managed to beat my personal best time. From a heart rate perspective, I was at my limit, but otherwise the effort (leg muscles, speed) seemed very manageable. 10.3km, 1h31 on my feet, 592m of elevation.(Strava)


Training log: 01/Oct/2015


At lunch, I walked 4.21km in 48:10 (11:26/km) with 110m of elevation gain. In the evening, I once again went to a club training. I forgot to switch the GPS back on after some stretches, so I don’t have complete numbers for the evening, but it seems I did about 5km of running, some lunges, some air squats, and some very limited stair work. At the end of the training I thought I overdid it, the running on uncushioned street surface probably didn’t help, but in the morning the achilles wasn’t in a terrible shape. Still, I figured I probably need to be more careful.

Daily training log: 29/Sep/2015


At lunch-time, I did a 4.1km walk at a leisurely pace (10:46/km). In the evening, I joined the sprint group at CSL. Did a warm-up on my own (on grass while they jogged on pavement outside), then joined the team for some more slow/faster running on the grass, and a small amount of stair work. The Achilles was OK with 6min/km running, and even tolerated a lap or two at 4:30min pace, but I opted to do stretching whenever the rest of the team did any kind of aggressive stair jumps (like one-sided jumps up two stairs at a time) or sprints. Clocked 5.6km in total, which is the most I’ve done since the 2-month injury break.

Strava activities: lunch-time, evening

Daily training log: 28/Sep/2015: 27km bike ride


Did another lunch-time bike ride. Fairly average, 26.98km, 1:02:02 duration, 26,1 km/h average speed, 184m elevation gain. The bad part (and I’m not sure if it’s entirely the fault of today’s ride) was that in the evening, I had excruciating neck pain, which in turn caused a very strong and persistent headache that I only managed to shake off the next morning. Maybe I need a professional bike fit on the MTB. More activity info on Strava.

Year in review: 2014

Month in review, Uncategorized

Summing up an entire year is not an easy task, especially if there’s been a few different things going on, but nothing that really stands out.

On the track, both indoors and outdoors, I ran a few competitions but wasn’t happy with the majority of them. My best 100m was 11″65 (+0.1m/s), which translates to the tenth-best time in Luxembourg in 2014. I shouldn’t really be ranked that high with a time as average as that, but that’s outside the scope of this blog. Indoors, I did one 60m in 7″43 (and was disqualified in another with a blatant and uncharacteristic false start). My best 200m indoors was 23″57. I participated in three relays, one indoors and two outdoors.  I even did shot put once (7.66m – pretty weak). Most of the year I was held back by trouble in my left achilles tendon.

With long distance running, I didn’t achieve the kind of regularity in training that would be required to do well in a race. My monthly mileage was all over the place, from a low of 12.3km in September to a high of 155km in February (and lots of ups and downs the other months as well). The yearly total was 900km, or a measly 75km per month. Since I judged that the legs and lungs didn’t have the necessary stamina, I didn’t compete at all in 2014.

Beside a steady amount of unimpressive walking and hiking in my everyday life, I spent three days in the Stubaital in Austria. On this trip, I bagged two summits of around 3000m (Rotkogel 2947m, Schwarzkogel 3018m). The highlight of the year, was my speed hike (with a bit of running thrown in) up Ben Nevis in Scotland. What I took away from this is that even with very limited training I can still do several hours of sustained hard effort; which I guess is something to build up on in 2015.