Daily training log: 29/Sep/2015

At lunch-time, I did a 4.1km walk at a leisurely pace (10:46/km). In the evening, I joined the sprint group at CSL. Did a warm-up on my own (on grass while they jogged on pavement outside), then joined the team for some more slow/faster running on the grass, and a small amount of stair work. The Achilles was OK with 6min/km running, and even tolerated a lap or two at 4:30min pace, but I opted to do stretching whenever the rest of the team did any kind of aggressive stair jumps (like one-sided jumps up two stairs at a time) or sprints. Clocked 5.6km in total, which is the most I’ve done since the 2-month injury break.

Strava activities: lunch-time, evening

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