Month in review: September 2015

I had another four physiotherapy appointments and two doctor visits in September. Fortunately, my left Achilles tendon finally started to improve; which enabled me to incorporate some running in my training again.

Road, trail and track running: I did a full “reboot” this time, barely running for two months and then restarting from zero. As such, my first run in September was a mere 20 minutes, on track (so without climbs or irregular surface), at a slow 6:30min pace. Overall, I did four sessions on track or grass in the second half of September, totaling just 16.6km. However, that’s much better than zero, so I’m happy. Baby steps.

Walking: 37km, and a mere 652m of elevation. This is the lowest number in 2015, but can easily be explained by lunch-time physio appointments (which I drive to), biking instead of walking, a few days of illness; and also by a desire to give the Achilles tendon enough rest.

Cycling: Did 9 outings on the bike in September, ranging from a quick 26 minute 10km ride to a somewhat extreme (for me) 2 hour 52.5km ride. I spent more time on the roads than in the forest. This is not really what I planned – I’d rather ride forest paths or single trails than braving pot-holes and traffic – but that’s how it worked out. 11 hours in the saddle, 253km covered, with a total of 2339m of elevation.

Total time outside: 22h31

Average body weight: 82.62kg. Body fat 15.03%. Only a minor improvement from August, and still a couple of kilos and a few percent off what I would consider a competitive weight and shape.

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