Year in review: 2014

Summing up an entire year is not an easy task, especially if there’s been a few different things going on, but nothing that really stands out.

On the track, both indoors and outdoors, I ran a few competitions but wasn’t happy with the majority of them. My best 100m was 11″65 (+0.1m/s), which translates to the tenth-best time in Luxembourg in 2014. I shouldn’t really be ranked that high with a time as average as that, but that’s outside the scope of this blog. Indoors, I did one 60m in 7″43 (and was disqualified in another with a blatant and uncharacteristic false start). My best 200m indoors was 23″57. I participated in three relays, one indoors and two outdoors.  I even did shot put once (7.66m – pretty weak). Most of the year I was held back by trouble in my left achilles tendon.

With long distance running, I didn’t achieve the kind of regularity in training that would be required to do well in a race. My monthly mileage was all over the place, from a low of 12.3km in September to a high of 155km in February (and lots of ups and downs the other months as well). The yearly total was 900km, or a measly 75km per month. Since I judged that the legs and lungs didn’t have the necessary stamina, I didn’t compete at all in 2014.

Beside a steady amount of unimpressive walking and hiking in my everyday life, I spent three days in the Stubaital in Austria. On this trip, I bagged two summits of around 3000m (Rotkogel 2947m, Schwarzkogel 3018m). The highlight of the year, was my speed hike (with a bit of running thrown in) up Ben Nevis in Scotland. What I took away from this is that even with very limited training I can still do several hours of sustained hard effort; which I guess is something to build up on in 2015.


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