Training log: 26-Oct to 01-Nov 2015

Monday 26-Oct: MTB ride, on trails. Had the day off work, so I wasn’t time-limited, but still elected to keep it reasonable (1h06, 22.5km, 369m elevation) because for some reason whenever I ride the bike nowadays I get a sore left knee and neck pain. (Strava)

Tuesday 27-Oct: A faster sprint training! We did the classic 10x200m training program with decreasing rest time (start at 3 minutes, 20sec less after each repeat, down to 20sec at the end). Mostly ran 32-33s on the 200m’s, except for the last two which sucked because of the short recovery time. Was expecting to pay for the faster sprints the next day, but surprisingly the impact was manageable. (Strava)

Wednesday 28-Oct: 4.1km lunch hike in 44h51, 82m elevation gain. (Strava)

Thursday 29-Oct: 5.4km lunch hike in 59h14, 160m elevation gain (Strava). In the evening, joined the track group for an indoor training (medicine balls, etc.). Did 2km warm-up and 2km cool-down.

Friday 30-Oct: 52min MTB ride on trails and road for 18.4km, 232m elevation (Strava).

Saturday 31-Oct: Off. (Not feeling well.)

IMG_20151101_113852Sunday 01-Nov: Nice hill session at the Saarschleife. It was foggy and dreary in Luxembourg, but on the Cloef trail the sun came out and I almost over-heated. Did 3 climbs, the first two of which I ran and the third I alternated (but mostly walked). On the first repeat, I managed to beat my personal best time. From a heart rate perspective, I was at my limit, but otherwise the effort (leg muscles, speed) seemed very manageable. 10.3km, 1h31 on my feet, 592m of elevation.(Strava)


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