2021 in numbers

Cycling Longest: 72,64km ride around Lac du Bourget, France Most elevation gain: 1419m up Relais du Mont du Chat Total distance: 2859km / Total elevation: 30,253m Running Longest: 14,93km run through the Haard nature reserve Most elevation gain: 1233m from Chamonix almost to Col du BrĂ©vent via KMV route Total distance: 554km / Total elevation:…

2020 in numbers

Some numbers for 2020. I walked/hiked 309km with 9300Hm of vertical elevation (of which 4900Hm were on the treadmill). (2019: 559km/12300Hm) I ran 974km with 21800Hm of elevation. (2018: 588km/14000Hm) I cycled 3452km with 34000Hm of elevation (2018: 4431km/36700Hm). I cycled to work (and back) on 33 days.

2019 in numbers

Some numbers for 2019. I walked/hiked 559km with 12300Hm of vertical elevation (of which 3800Hm were on the treadmill). (2018: 460km/7300Hm) I ran 588km with 14000Hm of elevation. (2018: 1698km/50200Hm) I cycled 4431km with 36700Hm of elevation (2018: 2331km/16900Hm)