Week in review 3/2021

Week 3 was going to be my first “office” week for the year. This meant I was a little bit more time-constrained since obviously I was leaving 1 to 1.5 hours every day to commuting. I still managed to perfectly execute my plan of moving outside for at least an hour a day, every day.

Monday, January 11th: 10.2km trail run in 1h02

Tuesday, January 12th: 6.4km walk in 1h01

Wednesday, January 13th: 10.4km trail run in 1h02

Thursday, January 14th: 6.4km lunch walk in 1h03

Friday, January 15th: 10.4km snowy trail run in 1h06

Saturday, January 16th: 8.4km walk in deep snow in 1h37

Sunday, January 17th: 10.4km trail run in a mix of snow, ice and slush in 1h10

Overall, running every other day and going for walks in between worked quite well. I didn’t feel overly fatigued.

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