Week in review 5/2021

After a slower week, I felt that I needed to increase both the quantity and quality of my training efforts. Other commitments and bad weather meant that 2 of my workouts were on the treadmill, but I appreciated the challenge of that.

Monday, January 25: 55min on the treadmill with 12% incline. 30min run, 25min walk. 717m of elevation.

Tuesday, January 26: 10.5km trail run with 300m elev gain in 1h06.

Wednesday, January 27: 1 hour power-hike on the treadmill with 12% incline. Worked hard to maintain a 6.5km/h average speed. 823m elev gain, the most I’ve recorded in an hour on the treadmill so far.

Thursday, January 28 5,7km recovery walk in the forest.

Friday, January 29: 11.3km trail run with 313m elev gain in 1h15.

Saturday, January 30: 6.8km recovery walk in the forest

Sunday, January 31: 14.4km trail run with 373m elev gain in 1h32

Weekly total: 19km hiking with 1549m of elevation; 42,4km of running with 1696m of elevation

My Sunday “long run” is slowly starting to live up to the name again. The last time I went further than 14k in a single effort was a whopping 12 months ago.

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