27-28/Apr/2015 – Rest day & 8km road run

I took a complete rest day on Monday. It wasn’t planned, but it was pouring down during lunch and when I got home in the evening (after a day at work where I was the only one of the team not on vacation or sick leave) I was deflated and it was still raining.

On Tuesday, I thought I’d stay off the wet and muddy trails and not subject my body to too much elevation; so I set out for a quick road run. I was quite happy with the pace (5:49min/km including the climb back up from the Petrusse valley), but the left achilles tendon confirmed that it still doesn’t like faster activities on hard surfaces and has been a little worse than average since.

Stats: 7.55 km in 43:54 (avg 5:49 min/km). 72 m elevation gain. Strava activity

Unfortunately, when I walked back up to the office after my run, this happened in the staircase.



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