Training log: 4/Oct/2015

The wife had wanted to go to the women’s volleyball world championship semi-finals and finals in Rotterdam and insisted I come along. So I got to spend 4 hours on Saturday in a bus, then many more hours in cramped seats surrounded by thousands of volleyball fans; and on Sunday the same thing happened in reverse (watching two games in the afternoon and then 4 hours return trip). Basically the only free time I had at my disposal was on Sunday morning, and despite the boring hotel location and lackluster weather I still got out for a mostly relaxed 5km jog. 6:51/km pace according to my Garmin. If not for the achilles tendon injury and wanting to take it slow, I could certainly have chosen a longer and more scenic route. As is, by the time I reached a forest I’d done half of the distance I wanted to do that morning, so I had to turn around. Strava activity

IMG_20151004_081402 IMG_20151004_084015 IMG_20151004_083042  IMG_20151004_083518IMG_20151004_081723

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