Training log: 12-Oct to 18-Oct-2015

Monday 12-Oct: Lunch-time MTB ride. About 50/50 road/trails split. 49 minutes, 16,5km, 233m elevation.

Tuesday 13-Oct: 2km lunch walk to grab food, then another Rollingergrund stair running session with the club in the evening. Managed 5 repeats this time, starting strong (48″1, 48″6) and ending slow (61″0, 72″3) with an average middle run I didn’t time. I sometimes still confuse lap and start/stop buttons and manage to stop the activity rather than start a new lap. Quite happy that I managed five repeats, even if the last one was right at the limit as far as the Achilles was concerned. (Strava)

Wednesday 14-Oct: Off

Thursday 15-Oct: 3km of misc walking (walk to remote office, and some lunch-time shopping) during the day, then in the evening ran 2km of warm-up before doing various core stuff (ab/back work, medicine ball throws, etc.) indoors. Felt weak during the exercises and had sore muscles the next couple of days, which means I haven’t been doing enough core work lately (or rather, none). I find it hard to motivate myself for any kind of strength work these days.

Friday 16-Oct: 1h02 on the bike to cover 24.5km. Mostly paved surface, and unable to maintain the average speeds that seemed a given a few months ago (on the same segments). A bit surprised at that. Temperatures were fairly low (4°C) and I was getting fairly uncomfortable in my running shoes. I probably need to reconsider my shoe options if I want to keep biking in the winter. (Strava)

Saturday 17-Oct: Second Cloef hill running session for this fall. After doing 1 run and 1 walk without adverse effects the previous week, I settled on doing 2 runs this time. Had originally planned to walk 1 more, but decided against it due to time constraints and not wanting to subject the recovering left Achilles to too much too soon. 1h02, 7.25km, 453m of elevation gain (Strava). Later that day, clocked about 3km of walking on a photography assignment.

Sunday 18-Oct: Off

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