Training log: 5-Oct to 11-Oct-2015

Monday 5-Oct: Boring 2km lunch time walk without GPS to grab food

Tuesday 6-Oct: First stair running training of the fall season. Did 4 repeats at the Rollingergrund stairs. 49″, 50″, 54″, 73″. In other words, OK for the first two, managed to mostly hold on for the second, and had no energy left on the fourth. (Strava)

Wednesday 7-Oct: 52 minutes on the bike at lunch-time. Rode on the flat and paved cycle path to Hesperange and back, but felt like I was cycling into a headwind both ways. (Strava)

Thursday 8-Oct: Again the 2km lunch commute, and then ran about 7km on pavement and track for an evening club training. (Strava)

Friday 9-Oct: 2.4km lunch walk. (Strava)

Saturday 10-Oct: Headed to the Saarschleife across the border in Germany to do my first hill running workout for the fall season. Kept it quite simple by only going up twice: one run and one walk. It went OK: no major pain from the achilles, and the one run up was about the same time I did last year when I first discovered the place. 7.2km, 431m elevation (Strava)

Sunday 11-Oct: The newspaper wanted me to cover a 73km MTB race. They thought covering the final third of the race was sufficient, but I figured that with competitors being really spaced out in long races, I wouldn’t catch too many before I had to be at the finish line for the winner. So I decided to head out on my own MTB to catch the riders roughly 1/3 of the way in, then return home (after clocking 6.5km and 148m of elevation) and cover the rest of the race the traditional car-based way. (Strava, Photo gallery). In the afternoon, I drove to a cyclocross race, where the Garmin supposed I did 2km, but that may be a little optimistic. (Strava, Gallery)

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