Month in review: January 2018

January 2018 in a nutshell: Lots of running, a lot of it via partial work commutes, some decent efforts on the weekends; with just a tiny bit of track work and cycling thrown in.

Road and trail running: After doing a 200+ month in December last year, I followed up with another solid month mileage-wise. I covered 204 kilometers on 18 days, but ran a total 27 times meaning I doubled up on quite a few days. This was due to a lot of partial run commutes (drive part way to work, park the car, run the rest). There were 9 such days where I ran both in the morning and evening. My longest run on a weekend was 16.99km. The following weekend, I only covered 14.39km but this time with 776m of elevation gain. 3 of the 4 weekends had long runs, but I rested on the final weekend of the month; due to some undefined pain in my left foot. This was also the reason for not competing in late January (neither on trails nor on track).

Track&field:I had one good week on the track, with two relatively fast sprint programs (10x120m, 10x200m). The rest of the month recovery, photography and other life priorities took precedence over heading to club training in the evening.

Cycling: I used the bike for two partial work commutes (once to head in, once to head out), which is almost negligible as far as effort is concerned. On January 29th I did my first full commute, which means 25km to work and 25km back. Monthly total: 66km.

Walking: 52.2km. 16 different outings, all of them at lunch.

Total time outside: 31:38 hours. Up slightly from December. Finally exceeded 1h/day on average, again.

Body composition: 80.06kg. Up 0.47kg from December. Did not watch my food intake as much as I should have. Couldn’t resist the tortilla chips entirely too often when shopping for lunch.

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