Month in review: December 2015

Injuries & treatment: I had a lot of doctor visits and physiotherapy appointments in December, as we were coming to an end of the “treatment” phase of my achilles injury, and moving towards what will hopefully be a “maintenance” phase in 2016. December saw 7 doctor visits (for laser treatments and final ultra-sound check-ups) and 9 physio-therapy appointments. Having to plan and drive to these 16 appointments took considerable time and energy, so I was happy to see that the achilles won’t require quite the same investment from here on out (if I continue to be smart with training volume, stress and recovery).

Road, trail and track running: Since I’m still trying to have at least 48 hours of space between any two running sessions (be it road, trail or track), that obviously means there’s only a limited amount of sessions I can do in a month. Specifically, this translates to 8 sessions on the track (which was therefore my main focus) or on the short stairs, and only 5 sessions on the trails (with no road sessions). On these 5 trail sessions, I climbed a total of 2000m. In total, I clocked 90km. Even though track was my main focus in December, it took me until the 31st of the final month of the year to do my first “short” sprint session (2x(30m-40m-50m-60m).

Walking: I continued doing quite a few lunch walks in December, but still only totaled 48km and 741m of elevation.

Cycling: Cycling was on a little up-swing compared to November, with 4 sessions and 3h26 in the saddle in total, for 84km and 606m of elevation. Not much, but better cross-training than sitting on the couch.

Total time outside: 27h10

Average body weight: 82.23kg. Body fat 15.37%. Almost unchanged from November.

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