Month in review: November 2015

Injuries & treatment: The achilles continued improving throughout November. I had one doctor visit and five physiotherapy appointments.

Road, trail and track running: I had a week-long vacation at the end of November, and I had a few stressful days at work leading up to it. This means I had a fairly normal training load during the first two weeks (three sessions outside, three track sessions – two of which were inside and only one on the track; then one week where I only managed to get a few quick lunch walks in; and then the week in Fuerteventura where I decided to run up “Pico de la Zarza”, the highpoint of the island, three times during our stay. 67km on road and trails; 9 hours on my feet, 3400m of elevation gain. 10km at the club (6km on pavement for warm-ups, 4km on the track).

Walking: Not much to report. Clocked 51km and 970m of elevation, 10 hours on my feet. Most of this was during lunch breaks.

Cycling: Did just 2 outings, for two hours total. 45km, 505m of elevation.

Total time outside: 21h01

Average body weight: 82.19kg. Body fat 15.35%. Didn’t weigh myself during the week abroad.

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