Month in review: January 2016

January was a break-through month. My main focus finally moved from the achilles injury and recovery to actual running. I was able to successfully participate at three indoor track competitions. While the performances are much slower than my personal bests, I’m still pretty happy with them considering my age and how much of 2015 I spent injured.

Road, trail and track running: Just like in December, my focus was on the track, and as a consequence I did almost no road or trail running. Out of eight possible club training sessions (on Tuesday and Thursday) I attended seven. Of these 7 sessions, 5 were real track sprint workouts. I competed on three weekends, and did a total of 6 races (three 60m, three 200m). My 2016 bests are now 7″50 and 23″50. Outside of track, I only got out for one single 10km trail session, on the first weekend of the year.  I’m a little concerned that I’m concentrating too much on short sprints, at the detriment of long hill sessions that I should be doing if I want to run up a few mountains in summer.

Walking: Most of my walking/hiking in January was on lunch walks, ranging from 2km to 6km. In total, I walked 74km in 13h35, with 1200m of elevation change. I was therefore more consistent with this than in December.

Cycling: It’s hard to be consistent with cycling in January weather, especially since it is merely a means to cross-train (I do not have any cycling-specific goals right now). Still, I’ll take whatever I can get. 4h26 in the saddle, 95km and 1020m of elevation.

Weight training: After many months of no weight training in my home gym, I might finally have restarted that habit in late January. Did three sessions at home in the final two weeks of the month, trying to build a base that focuses on basic lifts and reasonable workload.

Total time outside: 24h39

Average body weight: 81.28kg. Body fat 15.09%. Better than December. My weight was down by about 1kg, and body fat improved a little as well.

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