Month in review: August 2014

Fell way behind in updating this blog. I guess that is par for the course for most of my projects most of the time.

Track trainings: In August, my achilles tendon still wasn’t happy. As a consequence, most of the track trainings that I did were not on the track but on the Rollingergrund stairs; where I logged a total of five sessions spread out over the entire month. Only two sessions were on the track. Total trainings: 7.

Walking: Most of my walking was during lunch time, ranging from a few quick walks where I only grabbed something to eat, to a handful of longer walks of up to 6km. Total: 48.4km

Road&Trail Running: I did very limited trail running: three somewhat short sessions in the woods around home and one Kosakestee stair session during lunch. In total, I ran 30.36km, with a total of 935m of elevation difference.

Indoor cycling: Just one quick 15-minute session on the first of the month. That attempt at building a habit definitely didn’t stick.

Average body weight: 82.2kg (14.9% body fat). Up a bit (half a kilo and 0.2%) from July. Not surprising seeing how I burned less than 9000 calories through exercise in August; which was the lowest for the entire year so far.

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