Month in review: September 2014

I knew September was going to be a difficult month training-wise. because of our wedding and going on a wedding trip. Since we were doing a road trip to Scotland, I ended up driving a lot; and feeling quite shot in the rare moments when I would have had the time to get a run or hike in. I had set aside one afternoon for a little adventure, but beyond that I only went for a single run. The rest were short walks here or there that we did together.

Track trainings: I did three track sessions in early September: one track training (4x120m, quite slow), one stairs session and one track training where the achilles tendon was quite unhappy and I ended up only doing lunges and short strides on the grass. Total: 3 trainings

Road&Trail Running: On the first day in England (while we were driving up to Scotland) I did a quick 5km evening run. Beyond that, I didn’t have the time or energy to do any more. Once we were back home, I restarted doing lunch break runs, but this was the last day of the month so the effect was negligible. Total: 2 runs, and a paltry 12km.

Walking: I’d done quite well with lunch walks during the working week during the first part of the month; and during the Scotland trip we walked around quite a few castles, and through Edinburgh. In total, I walked around 100km during September.

Walking/Running: This is actually its own little category because it fits neither of the above. My little adventure in September was to make it to the top of England/Scotland’s highest mountain. I hadn’t set aside a full day for this, so one afternoon had to do. I set off in running apparel, but my heart rate quickly told me that I wouldn’t be doing much running. I power-hiked to the top in a little over two hours; and then walked or ran (when it was less steep) back down; for a total time of 3:48:33; a distance of almost 16km and an elevation difference of 1333m.

Indoor cycling: None.

Average body weight: I didn’t take a scale to Scotland.  So the incomplete average for September was 81.7kg, or an average body fat of 14.5%. These figures look better than August, but of course the vacation had a negative impact on the scale that would become evident in October.

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