Month in review: October 2014

I finally managed to get back into a somewhat reasonable routine in October. I still had to fight an uncooperative achilles tendon (which is still inflamed, and tends to worsen whenever I run faster on it).

Track trainings: Winter season typically starts in early October, so I was able to join the team right when they restarted with fundamentals. The first half of October we did more general fitness than other years, before reverting to some of the traditional programs in the second half. Overall, we did 4 sessions that were more general in nature, 2 traditional track trainings and 3 Rollingergrund stair sessions; for a total of 9 track trainings. In other words, I went every single Tuesday and Thursday.

Road&Trail Running: I did quite a bit of running in October. During the first two and a half work weeks I went on quite a few lunch runs (while trying to keep the distance and effort reasonable); and then branched out to do trail runs on the weekends the second half of the month. I ended up doing 14 runs , for a total of 123km. I climbed 1317m of elevation.

Walking: More running during lunch breaks means less walking. I ended up with a total of 47.6km

Indoor cycling: Two sessions, for a total of 50 minutes.

Average body weight: The aftermath of the September trip was that my average went up again, to 82.5kg and 14.9% of body fat.

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