Today’s run (28/Apr/2014)

I went for an 1-hour run during my lunch break today. I only managed to cover 8.73km in 1:01:38 (7:04 min/km). I’d like to think it’s because the trail that I followed is twisting and turning and going up and down quite a bit (182 m elevation gain); but in reality it’s far more likely that I’m just slow and whatever base that I built in February is long gone again. It’s no fun being ill and burned out, especially not if it’s going on for almost six weeks (starting in mid-March and going on for most of April).

So here I am again, starting to build a base again. Again. Again. I still have lessons to learn about habit-building and exponential growth (hint: six weeks “on” followed by six weeks “off” doesn’t work).

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