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Month in review: October 2017

October was a high-volume month bike month, with a renewed focus on track training. Since I don’t have endless time and energy something had to give, so I did less running.

Track&field: I did seven training sessions with the club: 4x sprint sessions on the track, 2x stair runs, 1x hill sprints. I feel better than I did this time last year.

Road and trail running: Less than I wanted to do. I wanted to do more on weekends, but with so much biking volume during the week I opted to do two “zero day” weekends.. I still managed to to 1 stair session, 4 lunch runs and 1 weekend run. 68,5km, 1339m elevation gain, 6:46.

Cycling: I was very regular on the bike this month, but only because I made it a habit to commute to work. Biked to work a whopping 11 times, for a total of 521km in the saddle. This took almost 20 hours.

Walking: Fairly unremarkable. I walked quite regularly at lunch, but most days less than 2km. 49km total, 8 hours 30 minutes.Weight training: Only one brief medicine ball session. It’s one of those things I know I should be doing, but am unable to find the energy and motivation to actually do.Total time outside: 43:42

Body composition: The monthly stat says there’s a small improvement from September (78,50kg => 78,31kg; 13,42% => 13,30%), but I don’t see it. Maybe because the average has been trending up recently. But I’m still in a much better place than last year, where I quickly regained what I lost in summer. This year, I mostly resisted that temptation and October 2017 tracks me at at 1.7kg less than October 2016.

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Kayl to Luxembourg is at least 18km. My typical commutes are either around 20km or around 25km, depending on route (and % of cycle paths – the shorter one has more roads and therefore more dangerous car traffic). A bike commute takes me 40-55 minutes, again depending on route and weather conditions. I’m currently experimenting with drive+run or maybe drive+bike split commutes for the upcoming months. I’ll try to do more partial run commutes because I will do a mountainous marathon in 2018, but also because I do not like the odds of driving multiple hours per week on my bike in the dark and rain with cars going by at 90km/h or more… So, I probably won’t bike as much through winter. Not a fan of public transport (or rather, being surrounded by obnoxious people while sitting in small cramped seats). Those days where I can drive to work, it usually takes me 30-45 minutes per commute; so biking isn’t that much worse. Wish it was more practical (better infra / better weather).

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