24/Apr/2015 – 9km run urban & trails

Today might be the end of a good weather window that lasted a good two weeks. Certainly not the norm for Luxembourg, so I figured before we’re back to several months of drizzle, I’d be productive in my lunch break and go for a trail run. Wasn’t feeling too good (slightly tired, both overall fatigue and a little remainder muscle soreness from the 920Hm on Tuesday), so I opted for a regular run instead of a hill session.

Ended up covering 8.97km in 1:00:52 with 247m of elevation gain. Felt a tightness in the left achilles, but nothing too bad.

IMG_20150424_124044 IMG_20150424_124651 IMG_20150424_124958 IMG_20150424_130033

I’m not happy with my overall fitness. Felt like I had to work too hard (152bpm average heartrate) to reach the 6:47 min/km average pace that the Garmin recorded; although I guess I would be faster if stayed on flatter ground.

Strava activity

Only one week to go until my first race of the year, Wallberg Berglauf. Currently, my schedule calls for a 4-hour workday on April 30th, a dentist appointment at 1pm followed by a 600km drive to Southern Germany that I expect to take at least 6 to 7 hours (long weekend means heavy traffic) and then run the 5.5km / 860Hm race on Friday morning (10:30). The wife will not be joining me on this trip, so I have the remainder of Friday, all of Saturday and part of Sunday available for more mountain stuff in the foothills of the Alps before heading back 600km on Sunday afternoon.

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