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  • Race report: Indoor Lafmeeting 2 (200m, 4x200m)

    I did my final indoor meeting for 2015/2016 on Luxembourgish soil this past Saturday, over one month after the Luxembourgish Championships. Athletes in the national team were afforded two more opportunities to compete in between, but the rest of us had to make do with regular training or travel abroad to compete. I chose the […]

  • Race report: Mont-Blanc Vertical Kilometer in Chamonix

    In a vertical kilometer race, or kilomètre vertical (KMV) as it’s sometimes referred to in France, the goal is to ascend 1000m of elevation by running (or walking) the shortest possible route on roads or trails. For the Mont-Blanc Vertical Kilometer, the route starts at the Place de l’église just outside the city center at […]

  • Training log: 5-Oct to 11-Oct-2015

    Monday 5-Oct: Boring 2km lunch time walk without GPS to grab food Tuesday 6-Oct: First stair running training of the fall season. Did 4 repeats at the Rollingergrund stairs. 49″, 50″, 54″, 73″. In other words, OK for the first two, managed to mostly hold on for the second, and had no energy left on […]

  • Training log: 4/Oct/2015

    The wife had wanted to go to the women’s volleyball world championship semi-finals and finals in Rotterdam and insisted I come along. So I got to spend 4 hours on Saturday in a bus, then many more hours in cramped seats surrounded by thousands of volleyball fans; and on Sunday the same thing happened in […]

  • Daily training log: 27/Sep/2015: 4km jogging

    Just like the previous weekend, I headed to my favourite training track, at the INS (“Institut National des sports”); reasoning that since my achilles was still on probation (so to speak) I shouldn’t subject it to anything extravagant. So laps on a flat track it was. Straight away, I found myself moving quite effortlessly at […]

  • Daily training log: 24/Sep/2015

    Well. That didn’t last long. Posted a “daily training log” on the 19th, and promptly fell ill and didn’t do any training for the next few days. Would have preferred to take a sick day or two and recover at home, but forced myself to go to work because we’re short-staffed and there was plenty […]

  • Daily training log: 19/Sep/2015

    I really like reading other people’s daily training logs. George Zack for example has been blogging about training and various races in Colorado and elsewhere for years, and it’s always motivating to see consistency not just in training and racing, but also in documenting it all. One of the big reasons I’ve always been reluctant […]

  • Preview: Katrinberglauf (4.5km, 943 Hm)

    In two days, on June 14th, I will be competing at Katrinberglauf. This mountain run in Bad Ischl, Austria, is labelled as “Austria’s steepest mountain race”. The start and finish lines are at the valley and mountain stations of the Katrin Seilbahn cable car, which goes from an elevation of 472m to 1415m, for 943m […]

  • Race report: Wallberg Berglauf (5.5km 860Hm)

    Wallberg Berglauf was my first mountain run. I joined 252 other people on a rainy May 1st morning in Rottach-Egern, near Tegernsee lake in Southern Germany to run/walk 5.5km and climb 860m of elevation. [sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/Wallberg Berglauf 5.5km 860Hm.gpx” mtype=TERRAIN summary=TRUE] Drive to Germany, recon Having taken the day before the race off work, I […]

  • Preview: Wallberg Berglauf

    In two days, on May 1st 2015, I will be facing a new challenge: competing in a mountain run. Wallberg Berglauf will take place in Rottach-Egern, near Tegernsee in Southern Germany. It is not the first mountain run I’ve signed up for (that would be the Chamonix KMV, which I wrote about already) but it’s […]