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  • 27-28/Apr/2015 – Rest day & 8km road run

    I took a complete rest day on Monday. It wasn’t planned, but it was pouring down during lunch and when I got home in the evening (after a day at work where I was the only one of the team not on vacation or sick leave) I was deflated and it was still raining. On […]

  • Update on Vertical Training

    I was going to call this “update on KMV training”, but in my scheduled and tentative races for this year only one out of a potential four events is a true “KMV”, meaning a climb of 1km vertical distance over as short of a distance as possible. But no matter the exact specifics, all my […]

  • Pico de la Zarza, Fuerteventura (#3)

    As a former competitive sprinter, I find that I still strive on challenges, and attempting to beat the clock. With my GPS watch troubles on my second ascent of Pico de la Zarza two days prior that prevented not just a comparison to my previous effort but also others; and the knowledge that so far […]

  • Pico de la Zarza, Fuerteventura (#2)

    Two days after my walk/run up Pico de la Zarza, the achilles tendon was slowly getting manageable again and I was pondering another run or hike. For a while, I was telling myself that I was too tired for a big effort; but then decided to just go for it anyway. While packing my running […]

  • Pico de la Zarza, Fuerteventura

    We’re currently vacationing on Fuerteventura. I set out once more to ascend the island highpoint, Pico de la Zarza (807m) – for the third time on our third stay on the island. I parked my rental car just off the roundabout on the FV-2 highway. This is the start of the main Strava segment, and […]

  • 23/Dec/2014: Easy run, Petrusse

    I’m trying to ease back into more regular updates. In the grand scheme of things, a blog outlining the athletic achievements and other little things in the life of a mostly sedentary former sprinter might not make for appealing reading. But if everyone followed that train of thought, we’d all just sit in front of […]

  • Time to reevaluate

    I started track&field in 1987, and specialized in sprints more than twenty years ago. After my semi-official retirement in early 2006 followed some years where I didn’t compete at all (2006-2008, 2010). In the past few years, I occasionally came out of retirement, but most of my recent performances have hardly been something for the […]

  • 100m race at Nocturne N°2 (Saint-Mard, Belgium)

    In perfect sunshine and temperatures of around 24°C, I drove 50km to Belgium to compete at a 100m in Saint-Mard (near Virton). I arrived with a bit of time to spare and filled out one of those small cards to sign up that they probably already had in 1999 when I last ran there.  The […]

  • Championnats Interclub, Day 2

    With March and April being less than optimal as far as training and just my health in general were concerned, I wasn’t too keen on competing this spring because I felt like I was pretty far away from what I’d consider prime shape. In early May however, my club asked me if I could compete […]

  • Today’s run (28/Apr/2014)

    I went for an 1-hour run during my lunch break today. I only managed to cover 8.73km in 1:01:38 (7:04 min/km). I’d like to think it’s because the trail that I followed is twisting and turning and going up and down quite a bit (182 m elevation gain); but in reality it’s far more likely […]