Week in review: 1/2021

How many times do I need to say “I want to revive this blog”? Actions do speak louder than words, and if I look back at the archives there are a lot of gaps. No monthly updates (because I haven’t been proud of my monthly efforts), no race reports (because there have been no races), no adventures or challenges (because it’s easier to watch those on Youtube than actually attempt my own), no nothing. I’ve long given up any aspirations to produce anything that reaches a significant audience, but that has in turn caused me to be even less productive – if there’s no audience, why do I even write anything down?

So let’s try something new: weekly training updates. Not so much because anyone cares, but because maybe putting something out there will help me be more accountable to myself. Maybe if I force myself to “publicly” review my week in training every Sunday, I’ll notice patterns where things went wrong and then not repeat those patterns the following week.

Friday, January 1st: 27.4km (1h15) ride on the road bike

Saturday, January 2nd: 9.7km (1h00) trail run

Sunday:, January 3rd 35.6km (1h43) ride on the road bike

I’m pretty happy with how that started. From here on out, the goal is to get back up to a reasonable monthly running volume (200km seems to be a good target), and if I want to be in decent shape for any summer mountain adventures (if they are possible, that is) then I need to get back into days with more “time on my feet” as well as more elevation gain. Building up some leg and core strength that I’ve lost over the years wouldn’t hurt either.

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