Month in review: February 2015

Track trainings: In February, I actually managed a perfect attendance at track trainings again. I went every Tuesday and Thursday of the month, for a total of 8 sessions. Unfortunately, the trainings I ended up doing have little resemblance to real track work: the first four sessions of the month I only warmed up outside (2km lap on pavement) and then went inside for weights; the last four sessions I did Rollingergrund stair sessions. I’m still holding back on sprint training because of my left achilles tendon, which is not really getting better at dealing with excessive stress.

Road&Trail Running: During the middle of the month I increased the intensity and volume a few times, but could feel the negative impact on the achilles tendon so I took it slow again during the final week. The hardest training of the month was at the Saarschleife again, with four hill repeats of around 210m each for a total of 845m of elevation gain and a total of 13km (with warm-up and cool-down) that spanned over two hours. The total amount of runs throughout the month was quite average at 8, and a total of 59km in 8h21 is not very impressive either; although the total elevation gain of 2800m makes up for that a little.

Walking: As seems to be the norm, when I do less running I at least tend to do more walking. I was doing quite a bit of hill work too, for a cumulative elevation gain of 4300m over the course of 110km and 22h30. This is a significant improvement over January.

Indoor cycling: None.

Average body weight: February saw a minor improvement from January, and my average weight dropped down from 82.8kg to 82.5kg. At the same time, body fat only improved marginally, from 15.1% to 14.9%.

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