Month in review: April 2015

Track trainings: I opted out of club trainings on the track this month, and managing the inflammation on the achilles tendon has become a bit more controllable.

Road&Trail Running: 12 sessions, of which 6 were hard hill/mountain work-outs.5600m of vertical, 90km distance, 13h12 time.

Walking: 13 days of >2km. 2500m of vertical, 87km distance, 16h06 time.

Cycling: Now that I have a mountain bike, it’s natural for these to increase; even if I’m only starting out. 8 sessions, 101km, 1800m vertical, 6h07.

Total time outside: 35h25

Average body weight: 80.82kg (down 1.75kg from March). Body fat 14.04% (down 0.94%)

Injuries: The achilles tendon seems to have neither improved nor worsened this month; even though I’ve done considerable vertical elevation changes in my training. Balancing hard workouts with walks and bike rides seems to help; but I still don’t have a final solution to something that is still very much a problem. I’d like to go back to some (albeit limited) track running.

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