Training Log 18/Dec/2013

Track training today. We started off with the usual 2km warmup on pavement (at a leisurely 6:15 min/km pace). The main training was 8x300m. The ground was covered in frost near the 100m, but given how the left achilles tendon was feeling I still opted not to use spikes. Throughout the training I was never really feeling it, and felt slow and sluggish; plus mix in some increasing irritation in the achilles tendon and it wasn’t a motivating evening. Timing-wise, I started off slow (ten seconds behind the leading athletes) and got gradually slower. Towards the end, my only motivation was to complete the training. I clocked in the 8 repeats in 54″2, 53″6, 54″0, 55″2, 55″2, 57″5, 57″0 and 56″6.

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