Month in review: March 2018

March was a solid month as far as running distance was concerned. However, I find myself working more on my endurance and speed, and less on my climbing legs. Maybe that’s called building a base, or maybe I’m going to look back at this after my skyrunning adventures in summer and call it lack of…

Month in review: February 2018

Another month, another monthly summary. So what made February stand out? Certainly not time on the bike or on the track, of which there were none. I did get some decent running done while on vacation in mountainous Madeira, and continued doing some regular partial run commutes and lunch runs, however.

Month in review: January 2018

January 2018 in a nutshell: Lots of running, a lot of it via partial work commutes, some decent efforts on the weekends; with just a tiny bit of track work and cycling thrown in.

Year in review: a quick look back at 2017

How to summarize an entire year in just a few paragraphs? Even if I just concentrate on track&field, trail running and cycling (which covers 95% of what this blog has been about recently), I could still fill pages. My focus for 2017 was on trail running, both at local events and in the mountains. Trail…

Month in review: December 2017

December saw over 200km of road and trail-running, but no track&field, no cycling and no weight training whatsoever. I can see the improvement that fairly consistent running is having on my pace, but I’m still not quite where I want to be.

Month in review: November 2017

November in Luxembourg is when the weather takes a turn for the worse and when daylight hours get sufficiently short so that it’s still dark before and after work; somewhat impacting my options for commuting and sports in general.

Month in review: October 2017

October was a high-volume month bike month, with a renewed focus on track training. Since I don’t have endless time and energy something had to give, so I did less running.