National Relay Championships

Yesterday evening, I was part of a 4x100m relay with my club (CSL) at the National Relay Championships. With a team that was slightly slower on paper than two weeks ago we nevertheless managed to run almost the same time, 44″75. While that is much slower than some relays I’ve run 10 or 20 years ago, it is what it is. I’m happy to still be able to compete as a sprinter at 36 years of age. Also, last year my club didn’t even have a senior 4x100m team at the starting line, so third place this year is OK I guess.

As for my part of the race, I was running in 4th position; with Claude Godart as experienced runner on the third leg. Consequently, our relay change was solid. We were at third place at that moment, and I managed to hold on to that spot until after the finish line. It seemed like I didn’t lose much to Pol Bidaine (CAB) at #2 who was half a second faster than me on the 100m two weeks ago. Festus Geraldo (CELTIC), who has a season best that’s 8/10 of a second faster than me, came in fourth. I was joking later on that this was probably the only time this year that he saw the finish line behind me.


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