Month in review: November 2014

November started off with a nice amount of volume and intensity, but I had to scale back somewhat during the second half because of recurring achilles tendon inflammation.

Track trainings:In November, I did 8 track trainings (two per week). Unfortunately, only three sessions were good sprint workouts on the track. Three trainings were mostly indoors and two times I was heading to the Rollingergrund stairs because I didn’t want the strain of track running.

Road&Trail Running: I ran on fifteen days in November, although there was a notable difference between the first half and second half of the month. The total for the month was 138km, and I covered considerably more elevation than in other months, at almost 4400m of positive altitude change. The nature of runs was pretty diverse as well: 5 normal trail runs, 1 trail run with more elevation changes, 3 runs on mostly flat terrain and paved streets, 3 “Kosakestee” stair sessions, 1 hill session on cobble stones, and two more extreme trail runs on the “Saarschleife” with around 500m elevation gain each time (in less than 10km).

Walking: I did a fairly small amount of walking. 29km on the month, mostly limited to short lunch-grab walks or brief commutes either because I didn’t take the car or couldn’t find convenient parking and had to walk a bit.

Indoor cycling: Almost nothing: one session, 10 minutes.

Average body weight: I kept my body weight mostly stable. The average was 82.4kg, down just a tad from 82.5kg the month before. Body fat was exactly the same, at 14.9%. (All numbers according to my not necessarily very accurate cheap scale.)

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