Month in review: May 2015

Track trainings: I returned to the track this month, but six out of seven sessions were restricted to warm-up, lunges, jumps and other conservative non-sprint stuff. On the seventh training session (May 28th), I dared to do some diagonal strides (on grass) and then couldn’t resist joining the guys for three starting block starts. The achilles tendon wasn’t happy the next day, but still better than the last time I tried a serious track training.

Road&Trail Running: Just like in April I counted 12 sessions again, of which one was the Wallberg Berglauf mountain run on May 1st. The split between hilly and flat training was about 50/50, and I clocked 5500m of vertical, 105km of distance and 13h15 on my feet. This is about the same vert and time than April, but I covered more distance in the same time (105km vs. 90km). I guess that means I’m getting slightly faster.

Walking: I did one long hike while I was in Southern Germany. It alone accounts for 33km and 1400m of vertical; with the total for the month being 2800m of vertical, 122km of distance and 24 hours outside.

Cycling: I didn’t mountain bike as much as I would have liked, but my time and energy levels didn’t permit more. As is, I tracked 5 sessions with a total of 127km, 1600m vertical, 6h30. I realize this is what some people end do in one easy day.

Total time outside: 43h44

Average body weight: 79.79kg (down 1kg from March). Body fat 13.43% (down 0.61%)

Injuries: The achilles tendon was maybe a little worse than in April, but still quite stable. It still amazes me that I can seemingly do a hard hill training with 1000m of vertical change and the achilles tendon is better the next day than it is after just a few seconds of sprinting.

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