Month in review: March 2015

Track trainings: 3 sessions with the club, but no real track running.

Road&Trail Running: 8 sessions, of which 4 were hard hill/mountain work-outs. 4104m of vertical, 77km of distance, 10h52 time.

Walking: 17 days of >2km. Quite a few 4-6km lunch walks and 2 harder hiking sessions. 2295m of vertical, 91km distance, 19h00 time.

Indoor cycling: 1 short session. 20min, 11km.

Average body weight:82.57kg (up 0.11kg from March). Body fat 14.98% (up 0.08%)

Injuries: Still fighting the achilles tendon; which seems to get worse every time I speed up. Oddly enough, running up or down mountains at moderate speed seems to have less impact.

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