Month in review: June 2015

Track trainings: 6 track trainings in June. Still trying to find the right balance, since the pain threshold is quite low as far as the achilles tendon is concerned. What’s making this harder is that during the training when the achilles is all warmed up I feel a lot less pain than the next morning; when it can get really tight and uncomfortable to walk on. Mostly did “alternative” trainings (jumps, lunges, goblet squats, etc,).

Road&Trail Running: Only 7 sessions, but two of those were fairly hard vertical races (943m and 1000m elevation gain). So I had to factor in a few days of taper (taking it slow in anticipation of the races) and recovery (since each race weekend not only meant a physical effort but also over 1200km and 12 hours behind the wheel). Furthermore, I overdid it on a road session during the middle of the month (ran too fast, which exceeded my pain threshold on the achilles), and took it slow for the remainder of the month since I did not want to compromise my 2015 goal race (Chamonix KMV) on June 26th. 7h21, 50km, 4190m elevation.

Walking: 121km, which is on the high side for 2015. Did quite a lot of lunch walks, and did one long 25km outing in Chamonix the day after the KMV. 27h46, 121km, 4272m elevation

Cycling: With the focus on two races in June, I only managed to do three MTB sessions; one of which was entirely on streets. 3h29, 84.5km, 1065m elevation

Total time outside: 46h41

Average body weight: 79.70kg. Body fat 13.47%. Almost the same as in May, but I didn’t track during 4 days in Chamonix (didn’t take a scale); which probably had a minor impact since I actually increased in weight during the end of the month because my eating during June was less than optimal.

Injuries: The achilles tendon continues to feel a little worse with each passing month. I’m more and more resigned to the fact that I will probably need to take a month (or more) of complete rest (as far as running is concerned, at least). I have another doctor’s appointment coming up on July 7th.

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