Month in review: February 2016

February was a solid training month. Once more, I concentrated on quality track workouts, which means I didn’t get as much hill/trail running done as I’d want.

Road, trail and track running: 43km on roads and/or stairs in 5h21 with 1669m of elevation; no real trail work whatsoever, 8 track trainings (of which 6 were on actual track, 1 was inside and 1 was on stairs), one track competition (200m and 4x200m relay). My 2016 season best on the 200m is now 23″49.

Walking: I stepped up the number and length of my lunch walks. In total, I went on 14 walks, totaling 65,4km in 20h18 with 1628m of elevation.

Cycling: Didn’t spend a lot of time on the MTB – either the weather was bad or I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of transporting the bike to and from work for a lunch ride. Only ended up doing 1 lunch ride and 1 weekend ride. 2h03 in the saddle, 42km and 420m of elevation.

Weight training: Five sessions (3 at home, 2 with the track club). 4h04 total. Wanted to do more, but most free evenings my energy levels were too low to motivate myself.

Total time outside: 34h04

Average body weight: 81.25kg. Body fat 14.62%. No improvement on the scale, but body fat went down by 0.5%. Which probably means I got fitter and built some muscle.

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