Month in review: December 2017

December saw over 200km of road and trail-running, but no track&field, no cycling and no weight training whatsoever. I can see the improvement that fairly consistent running is having on my pace, but I’m still not quite where I want to be.

Track&field: Nothing.

Road and trail running: The 218.42km of trail- and road-running I did this month was the highest number ever. However, 4474m of total elevation gain is a little on the low side for that kind of distance. I did 6 partial commute runs, so that even though I ran on only 19 days there’s 25 outings in total. My longest run was 21,24km (haven’t done a semi-marathon distance training run in a long time). I raced once, a short 6km race. Towards the end of the month, I might have done a little more, but 3 long work days (8.5 hours at the office, then 5.5 hours on a photo assignment) took their toll.

Cycling: None

Walking: 38.4km with 749m of elevation gain. A few longer lunch walks (4-5km) plus a few shorter ones. Nothing remarkable.

Total time outside: 29 hours

Body composition: 79.59kg. Up 3/4 of a kg from November, up 1.6kg from July. That’s not too bad, considering that last time this year, I was almost 3kg heavier.

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