Month in review: December 2014

Looking back at December, it was a slightly below average month. There was some regularity with my road & trail runs, but in general I was trying to keep the intensity moderate so as not to worsen the Achilles tendon.

Track trainings: With the holidays at the end of December, regularity on the track is always an issue. Worse than that, if I look at the 5 trainings I did do in the first half of the month, 4 of them were not even real track trainings. I did one 4x300m session on December 2nd (which was OK), and then two sessions each of Rollingergrund stairs and indoor stuff only.

Road&Trail Running: I ran on nine days in December. The runs were pretty spaced out too, with no back-to-back efforts whatsoever.  The total for the month was a paltry 81k; spread pretty evenly between efforts of around 7km and 11km. I covered almost 1800m in elevation, but that average was greatly impacted by one Saarschleife workout that had 650m in one day. Compared to November, the training schedule was very tame, with only that one high-elevation session having me hit the “limiter” (high heart rate) and the others being fairly moderate efforts.

Walking: As usual when I dial down my running, my walking seems to go up. I did nothing very remarkable, but clocked 68km (and only 1100m of vertical).

Indoor cycling: None. Slightly annoyed with that, because in theory I should be doing a whole lot more of this to build cardiovascular endurance while the Achilles tendon continues to impact my running

Average body weight: The end of the year is usually accompanied by an above average number of lunches and dinners. The consumption of chocolates and cookies usually goes up as well – this had quite a large impact on my body weight in December because I can’t say no to sweets, and the wife brought home or made quite a few during the month. My average moved up half a kilo to 82.9kg. As far as fluctuations go, oddly enough this month they were exactly one kilo up and down, for a minimum of 81.9 and a maximum of 83.9. Body fat increased from an average of 14.9% in November to 15.1% in December.

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